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In 2014 my book Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald Beyond (Jawbone Press) was published. The e-book edition contained an extra 100,000 words. In 2017 I decided that material needed to exist – revised and expanded – in physical form, however limited in quantity. So, I thought, I’ll self-publish a run of 200 copies… and with generous help from a Kickstarter campaign, I did.


After a lot of new research, Echoes From Then: Glimpses of John McLaughlin 1959-75 is the result: 178,000 freshly burnished words and masses of new visual content, from unpublished photos to period press ads. Typesetting and design are courtesy of Jawbone’s Tom Seabrook and Mark Case – the dream team.


The new book is available almost exclusively (for £15 plus P&P anywhere in the world) via Market Square Music.

Details on the contents of Echoes From Then can be found on a dedicated new page on this site.


The first three print reviews of the new book have all been terrific:


‘Though intended as a companion volume to Bathed In Lightning… it’s also packed with new material and hitherto unpublished interviews – and the way it’s structured means that it has its own narrative and can be treated as an independent entity. … Overall, it’s a deeply illuminating book – not only apropos McLaughlin but also regarding Britain’s 60s music scene, which it describes so vividly.’

Charles Waring, * * * * Record Collector


‘John McLaughlin fans familiar with Harper’s original study – 2014’s Bathed In Lightning – will be all too aware of his talents as an archivist, researcher and as a music historian… At over 400 pages, Echoes From Then is, like the book that spawned it, an impressively dimensioned and intensely detailed labour of love which thanks to the quality and range of its contents is thoroughly deserving of its place alongside its parent volume on the bookshelf of all switched on McLaughlin/Mahavishnu devotees.’

Grahame Bent, * * * * Shindig!


‘The first thing that strikes you about Echoes From Then is its extensive iconography of previously unpublished photos and reproductions of the mainstream and music press that creates the context for the book’s wealth of research documenting John McLaughlin’s emergence as a major instrumentalist… Echoes From Then comprises largely material that would mostly be superfluous in any normal length biography, but for students of this period of jazz it stands in its own right as a valuable resource.’

Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise

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