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MAY, 2014

The current issue (May 2014) of Jazz Journal includes a very long and generous review of Bathed In Lightning from the legendary Brian Morton. Brian takes issue with one or two of my views (or stylistic idiosyncracies), which is absolutely fine, but I'm delighted that he appreciates the value of the book as a document on the whole era and sweep of British music in the 60s and can recommend the book so strongly. He concludes:


'Plaudits to Colin Harper for fantastically detailed research... [He] writes with great immediacy and a tone somewhere between the old Melody Maker and the work of Ian MacDonald... A book for anyone interested in British music of the period.'


There's also a terrific review over at Bebop Spoken Here, the fabulous website for jazz buffs in the North East of England, where John McLaughlin grew up. Read it here:

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