Twenty review copies of 'Bathed In Lightning' were printed in December and sent to a select coterie of (hopefully sympathetic) souls. The great Sid Smith has 'mentioned it in dispatches' online as he ploughs through it. Reviewing has almost become a spectator sport, it would seem! From this post we can see what it will be compared against - Mark Lewisohn's epic Beatles biography (volume one):


It's a scary thought. I'm reading Mark's book myself at the moment and it's a monumental work. Put it like this, where I might say, 'John McLaughlin played that night at Count Basie's in Harlem, with Tony Williams on great form...' Lewisohn would have three pages identifying the start time, who was in the audience, quoting the bouncer, the barman, the sound engineer and the candlestick maker, telling us what was played and revealing a puncture on the drive ...


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On November 21 2013, before even the final tweaks had been made to the text of 'Bathed In Lightning', I was persuaded - by my great friend and superb producer/engineer/musician Cormac O'Kane - to take part in an elaborate 'author event' for the digital age. Compered by BBC Radio Ulster personality Linley Hamilton, with Horslips legend Jim Lockhart reading extracts and me trying to be as interesting and concise about the book as possible (I failed at the latter!) in Q&A, the event also included 10 terrifiic Northern Irish musicians from diverse backgrounds - jazz, blues, pop, bluegrass and Irish traditional music.

Pat Gribben (guitarist with 80s chart stars The Adventures, and a lifelong Mahavishnu Orchestra devotee), led a unit of five players on three Mahavishnu tunes. Belfast jazz/blues veteran Ronnie Greer - our best guitarist by far in the Chicago and 'Modern Jazz' styles - helmed ...


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