MARCH, 2014

The new (April 2014) issue of Jazzwise carries a hugely positive review from Stuart Nicholson. As with Sid Smith in Prog, I'm really pleased that another reviewer has recognised the wider ambition of the book - chronicling London's extraordinary and unrepeatable musical world in the 1960s - and thrilled that my efforts seem to have passed muster.


Among several very generous things which Stuart says is this:


"Harper['s]... book not only does the subject justice, but is also an indispensible guide - the best yet written - to the Brit jazz scene in the 1960s..."


The British jazz scene in the '60s is very leanly served in book form to date. The field is wide open for further investigation and revelations, and I very much hope other writers - and commissioning editors - dive in, and soon. As Sid Smith noted, the era is coming to the edge of living memory.

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