All catalogue numbers are for the US releases unless otherwise noted.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin
The Inner Mounting Flame (CBS KC 31067) US No.89
Rec: CBS Studios, New York, 14/8/71
Rel: 3/11/71
Prod: John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin (gtr); Jerry Goodman (vn, va); Jan Hammer (keys); Rick Laird (bs); Billy Cobham (dr)

The Historic Town Hall Concert: The Guitar Album (CBS CG 31045)
Rec: Town Hall, New York, 14/8/71
Rel: 1972
Prod: Teo Macero & Willis Conover
John McLaughlin (ac gtr/voc); Eve McLaughlin (autoharp, voc)
Track: Devotion
Note: John & Eve apparently performed four duo pieces at this multi-guitarist event, the others being: My Friend [probably ‘Oh My Soul, My Friend’]; My Dying Soul; God And The World. Apparently a 28 minute recording of their set circulates. This is a double LP, never available on CD. It seems extraordinary that this concert recording was on the evening of the Inner Mounting Flame session. Conceivably, one of the two dates is erroneous.

Mar-Y-Sol: The First Puerto Rico Pop Festival (Atlantic: Atco SD-705)
Rec: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, 3/4/72
Rel: 1972
Prod: Tunc Erim
Mahavishnu Orchestra Track: The Noonward Race (live)
Note: This track first appeared on CD in 2011 added to the Wounded Bird label’s reissue of The Best Of The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Shortly after this, in 11/11, it appeared as a bonus track on The Inner Mounting Flame within the box set The Complete Columbia Albums Collection. Mar-Y-Sol was a double LP. Complete sets by certain other artists at the event have subsequently been released. Intriguingly, the version issued on Mar-Y-Sol was 13:20 in length while the Complete Columbia Albums cut is 15:03, presumably indicating an edit for vinyl considerations on the original release.

Miles Davis
On The Corner (CBS KC 31906)
Rec: 1/6/72 & 6/6/72, Columbia Studios, New York
Rel: 1972
Prod: Teo Macero
Miles Davis (tr); Bennie Maupin (bs cl); Dave Liebman (s sax); Carlos Garnett (s sax, t sax); Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Harold Williams (keys); John McLaughlin (gtr); Micheal Henderson (bs); Jack DeJohnette (dr); Billy Hart (dr, perc); Don Alias, Mtume (perc); Collin Walcott (sitar); Badal Roy (tablas)
Note: This was John’s only recording with Miles during the Mahavishnu era and stands distinct from his many 1969-70 sessions for Miles.

James Taylor
One Man Dog (Warners WB BS 2660) US No.14 / UK No.27
Rec: Clover Recorder, Los Angeles, 1/11/72
Rel: 1972
Prod: Peter Asher
James Taylor (ac gtr, voc); Craig Doerge, Carole King (pno); Daniel Kortchmar, John McLaughlin (gtr); Lee Sklar (bs); Russ Kunkel (dr); Bobbye Hall (perc)
Note: John appears on one track, ‘Someone’, with words and music composed by himself and not otherwise recorded.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Birds Of Fire (CBS KC 31996) US No.15 / UK No.20
Rec: Trident Studios, London, 8/72 & Electric Lady Studios, New York, 10/72
Rel: 3/1/73
Prod: The Mahavishnu Orchestra [with Ken Scott]
John McLaughlin (gtr); Jerry Goodman (vn, va); Jan Hammer (keys); Rick Laird (bs); Billy Cobham (dr)
Note: A quadrophonic mix was released on LP in the USA in 1973 as CBS CQ 31996. A single coupling ‘Celestial Terrestrial Commuters’ / ‘Open Country Joy’ was released in the USA, Japan and Spain, with unique picture sleeves in the latter two territories and the sides reversed in Spain. One track on the LP, ‘Thousand Island Park’, was recorded at CBS Studios, New York.

Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Love Devotion Surrender (CBS KC 32034) US No.14 / UK No.7
Rec: New York, 10/72 & 3/73
Rel: 7/73
Prod: Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin (gtr, pno); Carlos Santana (gtr); Khalid Yasin (AKA Larry Young) (org); Doug Rauch (bs); Billy Cobham, Don Alias, Jan Hammer, Mike Shrieve (dr); Armando Peraza (congas)

Welcome (CBS PC 32445) US No.25
Rec: San Francisco, 2/5/73
Rel: 1973
Prod: Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve & Tom Coster
Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin (gtr); Tom Coster (pno, org); Richard Kermode (org); Doug Rauch (bs); Michael Shrieve (dr); Armando Peraza (congas)
Note: John is on one track, ‘Flame Sky’.

Beyond An Empty Dream (Charisma CAS 1101)
Rec: John’s home studio, New York, c.12/73
Rel: 1974
Prod: John’s tracks presumably produced by John
John McLaughlin (gtr, voc); Eve McLaughlin (voc) + unidentified choir on track 2
Tracks: Guru; The Name Of Truth
Note: UK release only; subtitled ‘Songs For A Modern Church’.

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Between Nothingness & Eternity (CBS KC 32766) US No.41
Rec: Central Park, New York, 18/8/73
Rel: 12/73 (US) / 1/74 (UK)
Prod: Murray Krugman & John McLaughlin
Note: Released in Canada with alternative artwork and gatefold sleeve. Columbia recorded the MO’s two Central Park concerts on 17 and 18 August 1973. All three pieces on the original LP came from the second night.

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Apocalypse (CBS KC 32957)
Rec: AIR Studios, London, 3/73
Rel: 5/73 (US / 6/73 (UK)
Prod: George Martin
John McLaughlin (gtr, voc); Jean-Luc Ponty (e vn, e bar vn); Gayle Moran (keys, voc); Ralphe Armstrong (bs, e bs, voc); Michael Walden (dr, perc, voc); Carol Shive (vn, voc); Marsha Westbrook (viola); Philip Hirschi (cello, voc) +
The London Symphony Orchestra (leader: Hugh Bean)
Michael Tilson Thomas - piano on ‘The Power Of Love’, conductor
Michael Gibbs - orchestrator
Note: Hugh Bean’s name was misspelt ‘Beau’ on the LP. The LSO were hired for the mornings of 9-14 & 16/3/74.

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Visions Of The Emerald Beyond (Columbia PC 33411)
Rec: Electric Lady Studios, New York, 4-14/12/74; mixed at Trident Studios, London, 16-24/12/75
Rel: 2/75
Prod: Ken Scott & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin (gtr, voc); Jean-Luc Ponty (e vn, e baritone vn); Gayle Moran (keys, voc); Ralphe Armstrong (bs, e bs, voc); Michael Walden (dr, perc, voc, clavinet); Steve Kindler (1st vn); Carol Shive (2nd vn, voc); Phillip Hirschi (cello); Bob Knapp (tr, flugelhorn, fl, voc); Russell Tubbs (a sax, s sax)
Note: Steve Kindler plays the cadenza to ‘Pastoral’. This LP came with a gatefold sleeve in the US and a single sleeve in the UK. The UK edition, however, had an insert with additional artwork and all of the credit information (though none of the photos) contained within the US gatefold.

Stanley Clarke
Journey To Love (Nemperor NE 433)
Rec: Electric Lady Studios, New York, ?/75
Rel: 1/76
Prod: Stanley Clarke & Ken Scott
Stanley Clarke (bs); John McLaughlin (ac gtr); Chick Corea (pno)
Note: John on two tracks with the above trio, ‘Song To John (Part 1)’ and ‘Song To John (Part 2)’.

Shakti With John McLaughlin (CBS PC 34162)
Rec: South Hampton College, Long Island, New York, 5/7/75
Rel: 9/76
Prod: John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin (ac gtr); L. Shankar (vn); Zakir Hussain (tabla); TH Vinayakram (ghatam, mridangam);
Ramnad V. Raghavan (mridangam)
Note: possibly also features Eve McLaughlin, uncredited, on tambour.

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Inner Worlds (CBS PC 33908)
Rec: Chateau D’Herouville, France, 7-8/75
Rel: 2/ 76
Prod: John McLaughlin with Dennis MacKay
John McLaughlin (gtr, synth, voc); Ralphe Armstrong (bs); Stu Goldberg (keys); Michael Walden (dr, perc, voc, keys)