Sri Chinmoy film soundtrack
Rec: New York, 1973
Note: This is referred to in various sources under various titles, sometimes as Awakening. It certainly exists, but has received no commercial release in celluloid or audio form. Both Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin contributed to the score. One eight-minute vocal piece, ‘Share The Joy’ - possibly, but not assuredly, featuring Eve singing - purportedly from this soundtrack and purportedly featuring Michael Tilson Thomas and the Boston Philharmonic circulates on bootleg CD copies of collected John & Eve McLaughlin recordings.

Shakti 1974 studio session
Rec: John’s home studio, New York, August 1974
Note: This was conceived by John as one LP side of a planned 2LP version of Visions Of The Emerald Beyond, the other side of which would be duo home recordings made with Mahalakshmi Eve McLaughlin. Columbia talked him out of it. Shakti were not yet a fully functioning performing group. The recordings circulate in bootleg form.

John & Eve McLaughlin 1974 studio session
Rec: John’s home studio, New York, August 1974
John McLaughlin (gtr, vina, voc); Eve McLaughlin (voc, autoharp, gtr?); Bob Knapp (flute)
Tracks: Peace; In The Depths Of My Heart A Bluebird Sings; Oh My Soul, My Friend; [unknown title]
Note: Around 16 minutes of music, planned as one side of the envisioned 2LP Visions Of The Emerald Beyond (see Shakti note above). Bob Knapp contributes flute to ‘Bluebird’; John plays vina on the fourth track - his only known recording with the instrument, and sounding exactly like his MO lead playing.

Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse
Songs Of The Soul [cassette only]
Rec: New York, 1975
Sri Chinmoy (recitation); Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin (ac gtr) + others
Noted by Johann Haidenbauer: ‘This is a cassette with orchestral and choral pieces as well as music for solo instruments to accompany Sri Chinmoy reciting his poems. John McLaughlin is featured on two pieces with guitar and presumably in some or all of the choral pieces. He made also the arrangements.’ Presumably this was made available via Sri Chinmoy events and outlets at the time but has never been released commercially.