Andrew Oldham Orchestra
365 Rolling Stones (One For Everyday Of The Year) / ______ (Decca F 11878)
Recorded: December 1963 or January 13 1964
Released: April 10 1964
Prod: Andrew Loog Oldham
MD: Mike Leander
Andrew Loog Oldham (vocal)
Bill Wyman (bass)
Charlie Watts (drums)
John McLaughlin (guitar)
Mike Leander (piano)

Andrew Oldham Orchestra
16 Hip Hits (Ace Of Clubs ACL 1180)
Recorded: Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios, London, July and/or September 1964
Released: October 2 1964
Prod: Andrew Oldham
MD: John Paul Jones
+ probably Jimmy Page, Big Jim Sullivan, Joe Moretti (guitars), Reg Guest (piano), Andy White (drums)

(?) Paul Anka
To Wait For Love/Behind My Smile (RCA 1434)
Recorded: ?/64
Released: January 1965
MD: probably Johnny Harris
+ Jimmy Page

Dionne Warwick
The Sensitive Sound of Dionne Warwick (Pye International NPL 28055)
Recorded: November 1964 (during UK tour)
Released: February 1965
Prod: Burt Bacharach & Hal David
Le London All Star [sic]
British Percussion (Barclay BB 86)
Recorded: Pye Studios, London, February 23 1965
Released: September 1965 (France)
Prod: Bobby Graham
Arr: Nicky Welsh
Jimmy Page - lead guitar
John McLaughlin - rhythm guitar
Alan Weighell - bass guitar
Arthur Watts - bass
Ronnie Verrell, Andy White - drums
Stan Roderick, Ray Davis, Bert Ezard, Albert Hall - trumpets
Keith Christie, Gib Wallace, Johnnie Edwards - trombones
Jack Thurwell - baritone trombone
Roy Willox - alto sax
Don Honeywell - baritone
Keith Bird, Rex Morris, Bill Skeat - saxes
Jim Buck Sr., Jim Buck Jr. - French horns
Kenny Salmon - organ
Arthur Greenslade - piano
Eric Allan, Barry Morgan - percussion

Vashti [Bunyan]
Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind / I Want To Be Alone (Decca F 12157)
Recorded: ?/65
Released: May 21 1965
Producer: Andrew Loog Oldham
MD: David Whittaker
+ Jimmy Page (guitar)

Burt Bacharach
What’s New Pussycat? (film soundtrack LP) (United Artists LA278-G)
Recorded: ?/65
Released: c. August 1965
Produced: Burt Bacharach
NB Tom Jones’ title track was recorded on a different session, probably without John

The Frays
My Girl Sloopy / For Your Precious Love (Decca F 12229)
Recorded: Abbey Road Studios, London ?/65
Released: September 3 1965
+ Nicky Hopkins (piano)

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
The Rolling Stones Songbook (Decca LK/SKL 4796)
Recorded: Pye Studios, London, July-August and December 1965
Released: June 1966
Prod: Andrew Loog Oldham
MD: David Whittaker
Big Jim Sullivan, John McLaughlin – guitars
John Paul Jones – bass
Nicky Hopkins – piano
Andy White – drums
+ others

The Hairy Ones
Get Off My Cloud (EP) Barclay 70898
Get Off My Cloud / It’s My Life / Gloria / Ring Dang Do
Recorded: ?1965
Released: 1965 (France)
Prod: Bobby Graham
Ray Merrill - vocal
Jimmy Page – lead guitar
John McLaughlin – rhythm guitar
Alan Weighell – bass
Kenny Salmon – organ
Bobby Graham - drums

Petula Clark
Unknown titles
Recorded: Pye Studios, London, probably c.1965-66
Prod/MD: probably Tony Hatch or Johnny Harris
Howard Blake And His Combo
Hammond In Percussion (Columbia TWO 123)
Recorded: Abbey Road Studio 2, London, January 18 1966
Released: early 1966
NB John appears on roughly half the tracks, Eric Ford on the rest
Prod: David Paramor
Howard Blake - piano, organ, celeste, marimba, vibraphone
Eric Ford, John McLaughlin – guitar
Russ Stapleford – bass
Eric Allan – percussion
Richard Harwood, Tony Kinsey - drums

(?) Murray Head With The Blue Monks
Some Day Soon / You Bore Me (Columbia DB8102)
Recorded: Abbey Road Studios, London, May 10 1966
Released: January 13 1967
+ Howard Blake (organ), Kenny Baldock (bass)
NB Recording date/place is confirmed; this is the closest Murray Head release after it.

Howard Blake
That Hammond Sound (Columbia Studio 2 TWO 192)
Recorded: Abbey Road Studio 2, London, May 23 1966
Released: 1966
Prod: Dave Paramor
Howard Blake - organ, piano, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, celeste
John McLaughlin - guitar
Russ Stapleford, Ron Seabrook - bass
Dick Harward [sic] - drums

Los Bravos
Black Is Black/ I Want A Name (Decca F22419) UK No.2 / US No.4
Recorded: ?/66
Released: June 17 1966
Prod/MD: Ivor Raymonde
+ Vic Flick (guitar)

Twice As Much
Own Up (Immediate IMLP 007)
Prod: Andrew Loog Oldham
Recorded: London, July 1966
Released: 1966
Dave Skinner - vocals, piano
Andrew Rose - vocals
Arthur Greenslade, Nicky Hopkins - pianos
John McLaughlin, Joe Moretti, Jimmy Page, Big Jim Sullivan - guitars
Alan Weighell - bass
Andy White, Eric Ford - drums
Red Weller, Alan Hakin, Eric Allen - percussion
+ unidentified strings and wind players

Mike Lease
Many Faces Of Love/Morning (Pye 7N 17174)
Recorded: ?1966
Released: September 1966

New Vaudeville Band
Winchester Cathedral / ________ (Fontana TF 741) UK No.4
Recorded: ?/66
Released: September 1966

Herman’s Hermits
No Milk Today / _______ (Columbia DB 8012) UK No.7
Recorded: ?/66
Released: October 1966
Prod: Mickie Most
Arr: John Paul Jones

You Better Run/Everybody’s Gonna Say (CBS 202456)
Recorded: ?/66
Released: November 1966
MD: Keith Mansfield
 + Rhet Stoller - guitar
NB John’s involved has been recalled by Keith Mansfield but not by Listen vocalist Robert Plant.

Engelbert Humperdinck
Release Me / ______ (Decca F 12541) UK No.1         
Recorded: Decca Studios, London, December 9 1966*
Released: January 26 1967
MD: Charles Blackwell
* NB. Tom Jones recorded an unreleased version of ‘Release Me’ at his session for ‘Detroit City’ (see below), with the same MD credited on both records. The pair also shared management and label. It’s likely that Englebert used Tom’s backing track. Also, Tom’s US B-side for ‘Detroit City’, ‘Ten Guitars’, was the title of Englebert’s  UK B-side for ‘Release Me’: again, likely a shared track.

Tom Jones
Detroit City / _______ (Decca F22555) UK No.8
Recorded: Decca Studios, London, December 9 1966
Released: February 1967
Prod: Peter Sullivan
MD: Charles Blackwell

Mellow Yellow / _______ [US] (Pye 7N 17267) UK No.8 / US No.2
Recorded: September 1966
Released: October 1966 (US), February 1967 (UK)
Prod: Mickie Most
MD: John Paul Jones
+ Joe Moretti (guitar), Paul McCartney (backing vocals)

Marianne Faithfull
Is This What I Get For Loving You? / _________ (Decca F22524) UK No.43
NB: same backing track as used on the first Twice As Much LP
Recorded: July 1966 + (vocal?)
Released: February 10 1967
Prod: Andrew Loog Oldham
MD: Arthur Greenslade

Paul Jones
Thinkin’ Ain’t For Me / Softly (La Vita) (HMV POP62)
Recorded: Abbey Road Studio 2, London, June 9 1967
Released: August 11 1967
Prod: John Burgess
Arr: Mike Vickers (A), Mike Leander (B)
+ Howard Blake (organ)
NB Recording date is confirmed; the session likely produced this single and its follow-up (below)

Paul Jones
Sons And Lovers / Three Sisters (Columbia DB 8303)
Recorded: Abbey Road Studio 2, London, June 9 1967
Released: November 17 1967
Prod: John Burgess
Arr: Mike Leander (A), Mike Vickers (B)
+ Howard Blake (organ)
NB Recording date is confirmed; the session likely produced this single and its predecessor (above)

Keith West
Excerpt from a Teenage Opera / ______ (Parlophone R 5623) UK No.2
Recorded: Abbey Road Studios, London ?/67
Released: August 1967
Prod: Mark Wirtz

Daughter Of Love / Look Out Here I Come (Regal Zonophone RZ 3002)
Recorded: Advision Studios, London ?/67
Released: September 15 1967
Prod: Tony Visconti
Biddu - vocals
Nicky Hopkins - piano
John McLaughlin, Jimmy Page - guitars
John Paul Jones - bass guitar
+ other unknown musicians

Keith West
Sam / _________ (Parlophone R 5651) UK No.38
Recorded: Abbey Road Studios, London c.10/67
Released: November 1967
Prod: Mark Wirtz

(Film soundtrack)
Recorded: Anvil Films Studio, Denham, June 27 1968
Released: ?
+ Howard Blake (organ/piano), Basil Kirchin (composer)