British Recordings 1963-69

John has said he performed on ‘hundreds’ of sessions in the 1960s, no doubt mostly concentrated into the 18 months or so spanning 1966-67 when he was focusing on session work to make a living. For singles, where the B side is not given it is because it’s not necessarily known if John played on the track (which may in some cases be credited to a different producer, hence different session). All details given relate to the UK release, except where recordings were released solely abroad. A question mark preceding an entry indicates an educated guess based on interview comments by John or others. UK and US chart placings are given where relevant.

Recordings from this era which feature John as a band member or willing creative participant, rather than jobbing session man, are given in a separate listing below – although the entries herein for Georgie Fame releases could perhaps be in either category (given John’s prior friendship with Georgie and some concerts on which John guested in Fame’s band during December 1967). A third listing details recordings featuring John from the 1960s which have been released only subsequently, from 1970 onwards. A fourth section details known appearances of John McLaughlin on BBC radio broadcasts in the 1960s – as with his session appearances, this is likely to be only a fraction of what he actually did.