Mark Robinson has sent me this colossal list of confirmable or likely MO2 dates, adding to those given in an appendix to the eBook of BIL. He gives his source for each. Intrifuingly, the confirmation that ‘Earth Ship’ was performed at one of the shows listed (and was captured on a ‘Recording Of Independent Origin’) now means that every tune on Visions Of The Emerald Beyond was performed at least once onstage!

8/4/74 – Riverside Theater, Milwaukee WI. Milwaukee Journal, 9/4/74 features review of previous night’s gig
15/5/74 – The Capitol, Passaic NJ. Google hit
27/6/74 – Saratoga Springs, Saratoga NY. Press ad from Google search
12/7/74 (Madrid) & 13/7/74 (Barcelona) – memorabilia website showing Barcelona concert ticket and Spanish language Columbia promo ad with both dates (‘Discos CBS presenta en concierto...’)
31/7/74 – Kongresshalle, Zurich, Switzerland. Press ad for gig reproduced at Wolfgang’s Vault
2/10/74 – Avery Fisher Hall, New York NY. Full-page Columbia trade ad in Billboard depicting various record label LP covers and contemporaneous tour date for each artist. Under Apocalypse sleeve it says ‘Oct 2, Avery Fisher Hall’. Pics at Walter Kolosky’s website. An interview with John in The Troy Record 6/10/74 mentions that the gig is part of a 10-date tour of NY State, but no further info found
13/10/74 – Johns Hopkins Uni, Baltimore MD. Google hit
27/10/74 – Field House, Manchester NH. Press ad, featuring Apocalypse rear group photo, plug for a raffle to ‘Win 3 free LPs’ and Special Guest Gary Burton
2/12/74 – Astrodome, Houston TX. Yes & Gryphon also appear. Yes band website
25/4/75 - shows a concert ticket with venue as Dome Centre, Henrietta NY – though press ads give the stated venue. There’s not much difference in capacity between the two venues, so...?
2/5/75 - Just to muddy the waters re John’s Rex Bogue, a website dedicated to the Philadelphia Spectrum shows a photo of JM playing this gig with a Gibson Les Paul. There’s also a nice backstage photo of him giving a gift to a little girl.
3/5/75, Boston. Not an FM broadcast? According to ROIO site, the source tape originates from a bootlegger with a directional mike who had been given a ‘good seat’ for that very purpose by a friend who worked at the venue. This recording thankfully supersedes a previous audience tape with a fragmented, incomplete ‘Vision...’ and some gobby idiot yelling during the quiet bits.
8/6/75, Albuquerque. A 27-minute ROIO is available at which features a live version of ‘Earth Ship’.
Hugh Hopper’s memoirs list the 1975 Star Truckin’ dates (possibly from an old diary), featuring a comically-diminishing cast of support acts. The additional dates (including MO) listed are;
           Sep 2    Hanover, Germany
           Sep 5    Essen, Germany
           Sep 6    Jaap Edenhaal, Amsterdam, Holland
10/75 – Greenwich High School?, Greenwich CT. Google hit. MO band tech Bryan Bell’s website mentions an autumn ‘75 Greenwich gig. ‘We put up the lights at the opening of the set and the band’s gear voltage dropped from 120 to 100. The mini-Moogs went totally south.’ Given the circumstances, could this be the opening night of the (last US) tour?
10/10/75 – Commack Arena, Long Island NY. Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters and Taj Mahal also appear. Music press ad (Billboard?)